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Boating Accident Lawyer Overview

Boating accidents happen in many different places and quickly. Lakes, canals, the intercoastal waterway and oceans can be lots of fun if you are in a boat. Water crafts and jet ski can also be a great way to enjoy a sunny weekend. In one state California, they reported In 2004, there were 744 boating accidents, which involved 439 injuries and 44 fatalities. Was someone at fault in these accidents? Our boating lawyers will help determine this in your case. This number is much greater when considering all of the US waterways and coastline.

Property may be damaged, such as sea walls , docks and other boating related property. Unfortunately, there are times when disaster strikes, and a boat water craft collides or sinks. Water sports fun can turn to danger in a split second on the water.

Contact our personal injury lawyers for your boating injury accident laws. They will help you.

A boat may have been speeding, or a driver may have had too much alcohol. The crash or boat accident injury may not be your fault.

Causes of boating accidents:

  • Drunk boat drivers
  • New drivers
  • Malfunction of boat steering
  • Unsafe water waves
  • Disregarding speed zones
  • No wake zones violated
  • Driver negligence
  • Boat lights not working
  • Signal horn disregarded

Contact our personal injury lawyers to settle your boating accident and clarifying your states boating laws. They will help you.

There are boating laws and they must be followed, or injuries may happen. The level of alcohol in each state is different and other stats boating laws can be confusing or unclear. That's were our personal injury lawyers will help you. They will discover the boating liability and inform you of your true state & local boating rights legal options.

It is important to avoid making any statements or signing any papers pertaining to the boating accident without first seeking legal counsel from a qualified personal injury lawyer.