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Nursing Home Lawsuit

A nursing home lawsuit can help with all the suffering and abuse that has taken place with someone you know or love. Nursing home abuse is one of the nation's largest growing problems. Estimated one in three nursing homes are reported for nursing home abuse, a number thought grossly underestimated. This statistic is frightening, especially considering instances of nursing home abuse are so severe reports of death, broken bones, beating, and complete neglect occurred. Nursing home abuse potentially affects the 1.6 million nursing home residents, and with the number of residents estimated to reach 5 million in 30 years the problem of nursing home abuse must be solved.

Nursing home abuse can occur in many different ways. Many people associate nursing home abuse to just physical, however nursing home abuse can also be emotional, psychological, sexual, verbal, and neglect. Watching for signs of nursing home abuse can help prevent further damage from occurring because in many instances residents are afraid to disclose that nursing home abuse is happening. Some residents feel reporting the nursing home abuse will make them a burden to their families or they have been threatened and fear the nursing home abuse will grow worse.

Nursing home abuse has been largely attributed to underpaid, under trained, and high turn over rate employees. In addition, families of nursing home abuse victims were shocked to learn that a majority of nursing home abuse perpetrators had a history of past nursing home abuse yet this had not stopped them for being hired.

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